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It’s 1977 and Francesco is sitting next to a Japanese man in a boat on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Francesco turns to the Japanese man and says, “ Where are all of the beautiful girls?”
The Japanese man retorts, “if you want to see beautiful girls, you need to go to Amsterdam; the Dutch girls are gorgeous!”

The next morning, Francesco gets on a plane and flies to Amsterdam. He checks into the Marriott Hotel, picks up a copy of De Telegraaf newspaper and goes to the classified section in search for massage parlors.
He sees a number of businesses that are labelled “Sex Clubs.” Is it only for members or would they give Francesco admission?

Francesco phones Sex Club Amsterdam:
“Hello, my name is Francesco and I saw an ad in the newspaper about your business. What is a Sex Club?”
“Are you joking,” said the lady on the phone. “I have never heard of a sex club before,” said Francesco. “What do you do there?”
“What country are you from? “replied the receptionist. “You sound like an American.”
“I am an American” said Francesco, “What is the club part of the sex club? Are only members allowed?”
“No, we are the same as a brothel, bordello or a massage parlour with sex.” said the lady.

“Oh, now I understand, but why the name Sex Club Amsterdam?”
“Well, historically, some entrepreneurs wanted to have a members only facility to carry on the sex business. But, later, that business was allowed and the name, club, was dropped. Ok, let me give you our address, it’s Willem de Zwijgerlaan 70 in Amsterdam. At our Sex Club, we have 6 rooms, where clients can have intimate sex with one of our beautiful girls for a friendly price.”

Francesco calls a taxi and goes to Sex Club Amsterdam.

He rings the bell and is let in by the receptionist.
In the reception, the lighting is soft and the scent of perfume is fragrant.

sex club amsterdam

As Francesco is sizing up this Sex Club, a beautiful blonde, about 22 with a very nice body, comes walking across the room and says to Francesco:
“Hi, I saw you looking at me. Do you want me to show you more?” Francesco chokes and she continues:
“If you have a secret fantasy, just tell me and I will do my very best to make your dream come true. I love sex, so I’m pretty sure you will like me. I need to go right now, but I’ll be back in 5 minutes.”
“OMG can you arrange an appointment with that blonde girl that just walked across the floor?”
“Of course, sir, her name is Ingrid.”

Ingrid returns and the receptionist said:
“Ingrid would you please take this gentleman to Room 1?”
Ingrid looks at Francesco and says:
“ Welcome to Sex Club Amsterdam, the best Amsterdam has to offer.”
After one hour, Ingrid walks Francesco to the front door and says:
“Come again, Francesco.”
Francesco returns the big smile and says:
“You too, Ingrid”

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